Hello and thank you for visiting Z’s World of Music. I am excited to have each of you here as I begin this new journey.
What you can expect to see in this blog?
Previews of original songs by me, songs of the day by a variety of artists, in-depth posts about myself in relation to music, and much more as I think of new ideas along the way.
Why a music blog?
Since I was a little girl, I have always loved music. There is almost never a time I am not either listening to music or a song is playing in my head. Music is a huge part of my life and has been an outlet of expression for me over the years.
More in depth ..
Growing up, my first favorite singer was Brandy. When her self titled album was released in 1994, I was only three years old. Obviously, I had no idea what I was singing and dancing to but I knew I liked it. At that age, it is all about the song being catchy and how in tune toddlers are with rhythms. Honestly, not much has changed over the years except my ability to fully grasp a song’s concept.

Today, my favorite singer is Keyshia Cole. What impresses me the most about her music is that every album is directly aligned with what is going on in my life that moment. Since she first released  “The Way it is” in 2005, we have always been on the same page.  Seven studio albums later, I am still a huge fan of Keyshia. Honestly, I do not foresee her losing her place as my favorite singer.

My favorite genre of music and what it means for you .. 
My favorite music genre is 90s R&B or anything that gives me that 90s feel. However, I will try to keep this blog as diverse as possible. If at any point you feel I am not delivering on this, please let me know. Also, share your favorite music artists, genres, etc.  in the comments section below so I can be sure to make posts for everyone.
Thank you again for reading 🙂



Tell it Tuesday


These days I have been feeling very inspired. I have been writing much more and very happy about that. I do think a major part of it, is the company that I keep.

Image result for like minded peopleI have a friend that talks about his music day in and day out. Listening to his passion and seeing him in the studio really sparks something inside of me. I now see why it is important to hang around like minded people.

Related image With that being said, if you lack motivation; look at the people around you. Do they want what you want? Do they have similar passion and goals? Not to say that they have to do exactly what you are, but they do need to push and inspire you.


I Believe


I am currently just making this song up as I go.


I believe that we are meant to be

I believe in everything that you told me

So don’t make a fool of me,

Just wrap me in your arms and hold me


How could this be?

How could you be the one for me?

Yes, i tried to fight it

Yes, i tried to hide it

But i believe, that this everything

Everything I’ve ever wanted


I believe you won’t leave me broken hearted

I believe in love

I believe in us

TDT Album Review


On Friday,  BIG K.R.I.T released his fourteenth mixtape “TDT.” My first impression of BIG K.R.I.T was not a good one but as I continued to listen, I realized he has some talent.

Image result for tdt big k.r.i.t

Negative Feedback? Some of the songs on the mix tape did not match his flow. For example, the first song “Energy.” I loved the fact that he sampled Jill Scott’s beat but his flow on this song versus the second track “Learned from Texas” is completely different. Actually it was “Learned from Texas” that made me decide to continue listening.

Another song that I was not feeling was “Pick Yourself Up.” The beat was dope, the hook was hot,  but after that he lost me. I actually ended up skipping to the next song.


My top two songs:

1 Oh Oh

(this was a song for the ladies and well of course I liked it. the track definitely had me in my feelings. it kind of makes me think about my current situation but not completely)


Higher (King Part 6)

(him and his foreign cars. but this is another song that had me in my feelings. i felt like he opened up on this one. he was very vulnerable and some of the things he rapped about spoke to me on a person level.)


Overall ….

All of the beats on the mix tape are dope

While he is a talented rapper, some songs did not match his flow

I recommend this mix tape to people who are existing fans of BIG K.R.I.T; If you are like me and this is first time you hear his music, I would definitely say you have to be a fan of rap


If you have already listened to the mix tape, share your thoughts. If not do so once you have given it a listen. Either way drop your feedback in the comments section below. 


Share Saturday


Happy Saturday !! Wow we are 6 weeks in

 and I look forward to continuing to make this blog something special. You may have noticed some changes were made this week. Throwback Thursday has been cancelled and Female Artists Friday was dedicated to Indie Artist Tori Helene. You can expect to see more of this from now on. This change does include Male Artists Monday.

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Indie Rapper NO NAME landed song of the day with “SONG 31.”  Check out post written on the song

screenshot_2019-01-06-11-31-44~2  Tuesday. 

I was finally able to write the song that has been on my heart for weeks now and I shared a preview of the lyrics

71533618-43dd-4b1d-9455-48de4aa411f9 and on Wednesday, I shared more of my writing in light of a suicide that had taken place in my complex last weekend.


For the second time this week, the SONG OF THE DAY featured two more independent. This collaboration was incredible and is my favorite song so far in 2019.

And then there was Friday but we already talked about that.  I hope you all like the new direction of this blog. DROP FEEDBACK IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW 

Female Artist Friday


As you may notice, there are changes being made to “Z’s World of Music.” Today’s Female Artist is going to be the start of bringing attention to Independent Artist. There will still be posts here and there on mainstream artists. However, I have decided to make Indie Artists the main focus.


Image result for tori helene  I first learned about Tori Helene on Instagram from a friend of mines who works with her. The first time I heard her voice I thought to myself “she can sing.”

“Under the Influence” is an addicting song. The beat is dope and her voice makes me feel high. This a perfect combination for the song because it is intoxicating.  On a personal level, I can relate to this song when it comes to my “boo thang.”

Ironically enough, I was trying to explain this exact feeling today and Tori took the words right out of my mouth. As I mentioned, this is the first full song I have heard from her and I am far from disappointed.  I would definitely recommend listening to this song especially for those who likes sensual songs.  If you are looking for soulful R&B, this particular track is not for you.

Image result for driving at night gif This song is more so when you are just vibing. I can definitely picturing myself driving late night bumping this on my way from seeing as Tori puts it “my little boo thang” or even if the two of you are kicking it. The singer has her own sound which is very important especially these days. Sadly enough when you listen to songs on the radio, they all sound the same. This is not the case for “Under the Influence.”

I give this song all five stars.




So today, I am bringing some more new music to you all. Coming from Kehlani featuring Ty Dolla Sign, the song is exactly what you would expect it to be. While I have been waiting for a new Kehlani track, it was surely worth it.

Image result for kehlani ty dolla signWait does Kehlani like girls? Personally, I do not but for Kehlani; exceptions can be made. This song tells the story of betrayal and heartbreak. A lover ends up leaving her to be with another man. It almost sounds like the girl Kehlani is referring to is almost unsure of her own feelings and sexuality. Which in turn causes feelings to be played with and time to be wasted. Smh, who would waste her time? Then again there was Party Next Door sigh. Well even the most beautiful people get hurt I suppose.

Anyways what do you think of this song? Drop answers in the comments section below. 

Throwback Thursday


Since the beginning of this blog, we have done a Throwback Thursday post.

Week 1, I wrote about XSCAPE

 Week 2, there was Luther Vandross

Related imageas I tried to settle the debate of who is the King of R&B once and for all.  THEN CAME WEEK 3, I DECIDED TO SWITCH UP THE TEMPO AND USE A MOVIE FOR THROWBACK THURSDAY

Image result for sparkle movie Remember folks, the original is always better !!!!!

Image result for b2k Week 4 the so-called “Boys for Life” landed their way onto my post after announcing their upcoming reunion tour. Which I just want to say, B2K ya’ll better not cancel this tour off this baby mama drama 😩

Image result for aaliyah Speaking of Chris Stokes being a child molester, we kicked off the New Year/ WEEK 5 attempting to show Aaliyah’s true legacy as rumors of the true relationship between her and R.Kelly resurfaced.

While I have truly enjoyed doing these posts, I have decided to  These post no longer fit the direction I want to take this blog. If you enjoyed the Throwback Thursday post, let me know and if enough people say not to stop it; I will not. Drop your no’s in the comments section below if this is the case.